Monday, November 7, 2011

Nov. 7 - Making family time is important to me. How do you balance your children, relationship, and work life?

Eww - a Chick Topic!   I have no job to balance, except for Partners, my volunteer gig, and my daughter, Laura, goes along most of the time.  My main job otherwise is Homemaker, so I have plenty of time to "balance" all the other stuff.  Time for laundry, cleaning, shopping, cooking.  Just Like Mom.   

I do feel out of balance at times, but it's my own equilibrium in question.  Since my last horse, Malcolm, died in December '10, I have to rely on Partners' horses for my Riding Fix, and there have been weeks at a time where that has gone unsatisfied.  This is bad.  I need my canters.  You can see from my picture that I'm happy, relaxed, in sync cantering Vinny.  Family doesn't do that for me.  A canter is a cure for every ill.  It's occasionally a substitute for sex.  God I need a canter. 

I wonder if I'm safe telling my Absurd blog the truth, or will it leak out?  No one is reading it as yet, but that might change.  Hello?  If you're reading, post a comment.  


  1. If riding a horse is a substitute for sex, I'd better find me a horse. It would probably be easier than finding a man.

  2. Even Vinny fails me at times. He has to be in the mood.