Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nov. 21 - The Business of Being Born is a passion project that has been fulfilling on many levels. Are you pursuing a passion project?

This is where NaBloPoMo stopped me.  I just couldn't answer this one.  I didn't copy all of the prompt, which continued with the credit line.  These were just beginning to bug me; I don't care about DWTS (took me awhile to figure out that was "Dancing With The Stars") or any of the other shmoes writing the prompts while plugging their projects.

So, I'm a week and a half behind, but I have a Kindle, had a birthday, need to clean my house, need to call the colonoscopy doctor for an appointment.  No passion projects in there, I'm afraid.

I do have an old saddle I'm going to try to repair for Partners; I'm rather passionate about tack.  Does that count?

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