Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nov. 1 - What is my favourite part about writing?

Note the u in favourite - it was in the prompt from   It was not my idea.  Note too that I'm starting late, as always.

My fave part about writing?  Writing keeps me grounded.  As in, sitting down, not doing housework or thinking about What's For Dinner.  Literally, grounded.

I used to write stories, but stopped in fourth grade.   One of my stories was chosen for a school contest, but Miss Lucas criticized my lame ending -- the boy woke up, it was all a dream.  I don't remember writing fiction after that; my imaginative narration remained safely locked in my head.  I concentrated on School Writing, instead, and became fairly good at it.

Much of my writing in the past several years has been in email/yahoo group form, and before that, on AOL's homeschool boards.  From there, I wrote a few articles published in homeschooling magazines and one religious magazine.  All of those articles and emails and board posts were written by someone I no longer recognize -- ironically, I used my old AOL screen name, Felicitas, as my i.d. here,  because I still want to be known to old friends from those days; they may be the only people who ever read this blog.  (I hope I don't attract the "Other Felicitas" followers, as I seem to do anytime I log onto AIM -- she's a German dominatrix.)

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